B and I had a pretty low-key weekend.  He was still sick Thursday, so he skipped on coming over to make sure he was completely better.  Lord knows I didn't need to catch it again! ha!!

So Friday night after work, we ended up playing things by ear and heading to mom and dad's for me to talk to dad about some things.  We ended up staying and eating dinner there and then riding out to my brother's house to see them before they left for their trip to Gatlinburg.  It was nice to get "out" of routine a little since there was no cooking to mess up and all.  We just played it by ear and I think we had a nice night!

Saturday, he worked, and I laid around the house all day.  Like literally.  I was useless.  I looked at wedding things online, but that's about far as I got.  I'm a slacker, I know.  

But then Saturday night, we grilled.  Well, okay, HE grilled.  I sat and watched.  Have I told ya'll how much I love grilling nights, ahem, no clean up nights!?! :)  Not to forget, he can grill like a champ! :)

So, my part of Saturday night was this..

Yeeeeeeah, totally not good idea for someone who is trying to fit in a wedding dress, BUT they were delish!  We bought them from B's nephews for a school fundraiser.  Gotta support the family hehe!

We ended up eating our grilled meal and cookies out on the back patio since the weather was SO nice.  And afterwards we had a nice conversation about our future and future kids.  It really means so much to me when HE brings up those conversations.  Not many men are are thoughtful like that.  I feel very, very blessed.

6 months until he is my HUSBAND.  I cannnnnnnot wait!

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent being lazy except for a trip to church and the grocery store on Sunday! :) But I did manage to get some new pics of the furbabies! :)
Roxie's face just kills me.  She is so cute and so funny looking at the same time!  :)

Oh, and I worked on something wedding related.  You'll have to wait until Friday to see that one tho! ;)

How was your weekend?


  1. Um, I'll take a handful of those cookies right now please! They look so yummy :) And your lazy and relaxing weekend sounds really nice actually. Mine was packed full and so busy! Fun, but definitely tiring.

  2. I think I had the perfect combo of busy on Saturday, lazy on Sunday weekend!! It was great! :) We loooove grilling out too, the weather is just perfect for it right now!

  3. Yay 6 months!!! And those cookies look yummy :) :) Hope your man is feeling better!

  4. ahhh PUPPPIES!!!
    love love love them little cutie patoties.

    future baby talks are the best, can't wait til I can talk the Mr. in to finally taking the plunge!


  5. I need a lazy day! And some cookies . . .

  6. Cookies and lazy days are the best. Also...the furbabies..super cute. I always wanted a wennie dog..send one my way?

  7. Are those peanut butter cookies??? Either way, they look delicious!!

    Yay for 6 months left! How exciting! :D


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