Forever Fridays [Link-Up]

Can I first just say that it's almost 6 months until my big day!?  How exciting!!!  But with that excitement, brings a lot of things to get worked on so they can be marked off that growing to-do list!

It needs to start with getting that mess sorted out, and better organized.  You see, I'm OCD, so that is totally NOT working for me and my brain.  I need it separated into things that are decor, things that need to be worked on (DIY things..) and etc.

THAT picture is my to do list this weekend, as well as getting all my bridal dress "extras" together and starting my "wedding bag."

So yeah.. that's where I stand.  I also started working on the tab at top of my page, Our Wedding.  So be sure and check that out.  And if you see anything not crossed off and you have a suggestion for a good place with a good price, please let a girl know.  The wedding budget needs hellllllllllp! :)

Happy Friday, pretties!


  1. You are on top of things-- 6 months is still plenty of time, so don't worry!! ;) What will be going in your wedding bag?? Do you have a list yet?

  2. Gah, so excited for you! I can't even begin to tell you how often I was organizing & reorganizing things in our wedding room. Oh yeah. There was a room. = )


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