Tuesday Topics [Link-Up]: Four

The Austin Family Diary
It's the first thing I do when I open my sleepy eyes in the mornings.  I usually have a couple blog-related e-mails, some wedding related ones, and a crap ton of junk.  (I swear I've unsubscribed like 10 times to some of them....)

I debated about even listing this one.  Facebook has gotten so out of hand to me.  I used to enjoy it when people actually wrote statues and didn't share every picture under the sun.  Oh, and the letting anyone and everyone join- whew, I don't think I have a blog post long enough to support that.

However, with that said, I do still check it in the mornings.  But honestly, it's to get the stupid red notifications off my home screen.  I cannot stand the notification numbers.

You can follow my Keeping Up With Kayla fb page here.

I love Instagram.  I think it's SO much more fun than Fb/Twitter because it's pictures.  C'mon, who doesn't love to see pictures instead of words when you're trying to be a stalker, I mean a good friend :)

I don't use it every single day to post my pictures, but then some days I use it to post like 10.  Forgive me.  Oh, and you can find me here.  Go follow me, I promise I follow back.  I'm nosey, remember? :)

Guilty.  I like Twitter better than Fb, so I tend to spend more time there when I'm having a "social media moment".  Twitter is mainly my blog friends though, with a few others mixed it. Maybe I like the separation!?
But I'm going to take this opportunity and say every since I saw a lot of hate going on in the Twitter land, I've been MIA.  I don't like drama, I don't do drama, and I have un-followed a ton of people because I've seen them either start it, but into it, or try to be two-faced and claim they are one thing and are really just as bad as the one they are bashing.
That's just not me. And I like my social media outlets drama free.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.

You can follow me on Twitter, here.  And maybe soon I'll get back into it.

Well, there ya go.. my 4 daily stops.  Past those, it's banking sites, Bloglovin', K-Love, and news websites :)

Where do YOU go?

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  1. I am glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon with twitter and IG!


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