Turning Point.

Last night, B, his parents, and myself went to Tupelo to hear Dr. David Jeremiah speak.  And it was great. There was lots of good music, a sold out crowd, and a good message that was heard.  I really, really enjoyed myself and if you ever get the chance to see Dr. David Jeremiah, I'd recommend it!

To learn a little more about him, visit is page here.  He is a terrific speaker, and what I liked best was he threw in some comedy.  Some preachers get so focused in on their message, they forget to "interact" and I liked that he did so.

It was a really great night out with my honey and the future in-laws :)
 This is my attempt at a panaramic view of the arena.  Wow,what a crowd!  ((Ignore that I cut a man in half there....))
 My love :)
 Donna, my future mother-in-law.
Donna & Ken, B's parents. :)

In other news, I'm SO ready for this weekend.  BUT I'm not really the happiest girl about this rain we have forecast for us.  My engagement pictures are supposed to be at 4:00 on Saturday.  And well, they are calling for straight rain this weekend, with storms.  So my hopes of sneaking the session in are dwindling away.  I don't really want to get struck by lightening ya know? :)

But, even if it's cancelled, we will reschedule and they will be what I always dreamed they will be.  Just gotta stay positive.

Hope you all have a great Friday and a lovely weekend! :)  *Muah!


  1. yay! can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. We are predicted to have rain in the morning into early afternoon but nothing later. I'd think we would have similar forecasts lol. If it rains, just come on to Huntsville & see me

  3. Sounds like a great experience!! And boo I'll cross my fingers the rain stays away!! You could always shoot some sexy rain pics too ;) And then opt for another day of nice ones! I actually had my "Wedmock" in pouring down rain and it was freezing and miserable... editing does wonders, you couldn't even tell! But I wouldn't wish that on anyone... so GOOD LUCK! xoxo


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