be you.

A piece of advice you have for others.  Anything at all.

Be yourself.  Just as simple as that.

Everyone goes through life with some degree of trying to "please" others.  We all have done it, and I'm guilty of it myself.  But really, you don't need to be this other person.  People will always love you more when they can taste the genuineness you show.  

Ever since the beginning of our relationship B has commented on how "genuine" he always knew I was.  That meant way more than saying I was pretty or could give him this or that.  I love that he knew where my heart was, and that I was meaning what I was saying to him.

That's the same way I want every person in my life to see me. To know that even when I say or do things that might not be how they would, that I'm staying true to myself and being ME.

At the end of this life, God will not be interested in knowing what I did to make others happy, He will want to know what I did to make life more about Him and how many lives I helped make better for being genuine and sharing His word.

It isn't easy. I won't lie.  I can get just as caught up in someone's personal life and their "drama" as the next, but at the core, that's not me.  I just simply want to live a life with my family and friends and be the best person I can be each day.

the end.


  1. "I just simply want to live a life with my family and friends and be the best person I can be each day."

    Very well said!

  2. Perfect. As are you, my dear :)

  3. I had to struggle with this for SO long; I was tormented and bullied by so many people in high school and college (and well actually, beyond) and I had to just let go and stop caring. I would let it bother me and shake me to the core and when I stopped caring, I felt like a whole new person :)


  4. Good stuff.
    I've always been me and I never apologize for doing it. That why many of my family members and I bump heads. I ending relationships because they wanted me to be a different person. A person they wanted me to be. We were together for 5 years and he still couldn't figure out that I wasn't going to change for no one.

  5. Love this! Very similar to what I posted (:


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