I have wedding on the brain.  This coming Sunday will be 5 months until my big day.  I  really can't believe it has already been six months since he slid this rock on my finger.  Life just gets sweeter every day.

So with the upcoming wedding, that means wedding crafting has officially started.

Wedding Date Banner

You will need:
-Paint (optional)
-String/Rope of your choice
-Hot glue or thread and needle (depending on which way you want to attach the banners)

I started off with using a box of Special K popcorn chips.  Any cardboard box such as crackers, chips, or cereal will do. 
Just cut the box up until you have a side to work with as big as you need.

I took my pencil and drew out my shape I needed.   You could print this off the Internet to use as a guide if it was a more detailed shape. After I was happy with the shape, I cut it out.

I then laid my cardboard shape onto my burlap and traced it with a sharpie.

Simply cut out your shapes.

Then the fun part!  

Paint them however you like! I chose to use my wedding date! 

When you are happy with all your painting, let that dry completely.

Once it was all dry, I hot glued it to the twine of my choice.  You could also sew it, if you chose to! :)

Happy Wednesday!


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