Firsts To Lasts

First Things First

First thing you do when you get to work
Clock in, hello!  LOL  No, I'm kidding.  Once I open the door and get inside, I make my walk down the hall to my computer.  I flip on the lights (if not already on) and fire up my computer all while turning on the other things around me.  Then I clock in.  ;)

First vacation you went on without your parents.
I think this would be our girls trip we went on the first year, the 4 of us.  I miss that trip.  It was the first time we had all been together in so many years and I think that trip rejuvenated something in our friendships..
I truly have the best friends. :)


  1. I loved my first vaca away from the parents! It was AMAZING! Love my parents and all but nothing like a girls trip!

  2. I love vacations with my girlfriends! They're the best! We have a simple weekend one coming up in just a few weeks, and I'm so stinking excited for it!


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