From Firsts to Lasts

First Things First

First store you head to at the mall
Wow, I'm not entirely sure how to answer this without all you ladies not un-following me immediately.  I don't, I don't shop unless its for groceries. 

I wasn't always like this.  In fact, I used to like it.  BUT then I worked retail for many years and my whole opinion changed on the idea. 
Oh, and then I found my love of yard sales where (let's face it) women sell brand new clothes for $1 each.

Never ever again will I store shop.   Sorry, not sorry.

First aisle you hit up at the grocery store
Bread.  I always need bread.  And let's face it.  I could live on bread. LOL.


  1. I need your will power..I shop way to much!

  2. I don't usually shop that much either actually, but it's near impossible for me to resist a new dress every now and then ;) I just love new dresses!

  3. I wish I didn't shop... my marriage would probably be a lot better ;)

    Haha and UGH bread... ME too! Any carbs really :)

  4. Love it! I look online, find what I want and then go to the store to get it. I can't stand fighting with crowds at stores, so I'd much rather not.


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