It is so secret.  I love books.

And when Brian got me my Kindle, it was one of the best gifts.

I love to find a good book and "get lost" in it with the characters.  For people who read, you understand what I mean.  If you don't, then you are like B and can't understand the love for it.  I think he has told me before he has never read a book.  I can't even think about never reading a book.

It's funny how people differ when it comes to things they enjoy.  I don't think any less of him because he doesn't read.  Just like he doesn't think any less of me because I don't Xbox, LOL.

Can't ya'll see us now, he will be screaming at the tv and I'll be hushing him so I can concentrate on my book.  LOL.  I'll let ya'll know how that turns out! ;)

I've always normally stuck to romance.  It just grabs my heart and feeds the hopeless romantic that I am inside.  However, lately I've been reading some James Patterson, from the Alex Cross series and I have to say- I LOVE IT.

Maybe I've watched too many Criminal Minds episodes, but something about the serial killers intrigue me.  That's weird sounding.  I promise I'm not a killer. LOL..

So, do you like to read?  What are some suggestions you have liked that I might like if I tried?  I want to expand my reading topics! :)


  1. I love reading books too. My hubs got me my nook color and I LOVE it.

  2. I am a huge sucker for Nicholas Sparks! Romance and an awesome story line in each of his books. :)

  3. I am totally a book worm. I looooove to read! Especially historical fiction. I've never read any James Patterson books, I may have to look into that :)

  4. Two things!

    1. I love to read also. Anything by Emily Giffin is automatically going at the top of my list. Also, Wendy Corsi Staub has some GREAT mystery thrillers that I think you'll like. Lots of strange serial killer stuff. ;)

    2. A few people I know through work and I are starting a book club and our very first meeting is next week. If you are interested, shoot me an email or Facebook message and I will let you know the details. I think it's going to be fun!

  5. I agree with the above, Emily Giffin is my FAVORITE! I'm reading her new one right now :) I love my Kindle!!

    1. I automatically looked for a "like" button for your Emily Giffin comment. This isn't Facebook..... DUH. =)

  6. The kids have taken over my Kindle, so I am back to reading the actual book. I really can't decide which way I like better.

  7. I love James Patterson too! Ive only read his romantic novels though. Maybe I will look into those!

  8. I have a whole bunch of James Patterson! If you send me your address I'll work at getting some in the mail to you! You need to tell me what you have already read though. My favorite authors are Iris Johansen and Sidney Sheldon. If you're liking the James Patterson Alex Cross series you will probably like most of Iris Johansen's stuff :)

  9. Book worm here!! I love books and have an ever growing collection/library. I read all kinds of things, but prefer mystery & psychological thrillers. However, my absolutely favorite series is the O'Malley Chronicles by Dee Henderson. Such a good series!! I've read it way too many times! I could list off a ton of different authors and am always up for giving suggestions!!

  10. James Patterson's Alex Cross series is awesome, start at the beginning. I too love to read, my husband doesn't understand. He reads hunting magazines. Recently I've been reading Mary Kay Andrews.

  11. I love reading too and I agree James Patterson's Alex Cross series (at least the beginnings) are awesome. Kiss the Girls kept me up at night I was so scared.


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