Twenty five & six.

Twenty five.
Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget.  
I once had a friend tell me something really simple.  But it was something that stuck.  This friend was confiding in me about something going on in their life.  This person asked me for my opinion on what should/shouldn't be done.  And I answered truthfully.

Sometimes I think we say what others want to hear, to make them feel better.  But I've always felt like if I were to ask someone some advice then I want real advice.  And that's how I answered this friend.  It probably wasn't they wanted me to say or what they wanted to hear.  It wasn't the best or easiest answer.  But it was the blunt truth that they needed someone to tell them.

Afterwards, they came back and told me it meant more to them that I was honest and truthful and didn't sugar coat anything than the others who were just trying to "be on their side".  That really stuck with me.  And I've kept the same philosophy since then.

So, if you ask me for advice or my opinion- be prepared for my answer. :)

Twenty six. 
Something you read online.  
I read a lot online.  I read blogs mainly though.  And I touch on for the latest news.  And then I scan Facebook a few times a day, but nothing much.  Facebook has lost my interest and I've debated deleting it honestly.


  1. HI KAYLA, you are juts like me in the fact that you are kinda "done" with Facebook. That is one of the MAIN reasons why I'm blogging now is because I want more genuine and meaningful connectedness with people. Yes, I'm going to keep my Facebook for my blogging stuff, marketing and advertising etc... But I'm so OVER it.

    I don't really know why, but honestly, I'm just bored with Facebook. It's the same mundane statuses about what people are eating for dinner. FINE, tell me that but give me more...give me a recipe, show me pictures, be engaging. I'm loving blogging now and will hopefully be opening other peoples eyes on my FB page to the wonderful world that is blogging. I think that the more and more I network and make friends like you through blogging, the more I will debate deleting it too.

    Great post.

    Go girl!

    Ginny :)

  2. I love it! I have always been labeled as the "blunt friend" out of my girlfriends. Giving your friends honest advice is just the way it should be!

  3. That is great and an awesome quality to have!


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