Tuesday Topics. Eight.

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I'm joining again for Tuesday Topics!  This week we are talking about eight goals for this month.

1. Have a wonderful vacation with B!  (We leave in a little over a week and I cannot wait to be a beach bum!)

2. Get both the dogs bathed.  Yes, this is a real goal.  It's WORK to get those rascals smelling fresh! LOL  OH, and get Roxie to the vet!

3. Clean up the extra bedroom in my house.  There are currently clothes PILED on the bed.  It has to go.  My OCD is kicking in high gear.

4. Get back on a regular scheduled blogging routine.

5. Finish some wedding crafts (and blog them!)

6. Finalize the wedding guest list.  This HAS to go out soon.

7. Clean out my closet, and DONATE!

8. Order engagement prints!

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  1. Ugh, thanks for reminding me about my extra bedroom. I gotta get that into shape fast! :-/


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