When times get tough..

...family pulls together.

This weekend after the trip, Brian and I got home to find that his truck wouldn't crank.  He was already running late for church, so I threw him my keys and he was on his way.  After church, and after another failed attempt at it cranking, Brian was in a panic.

But in the meantime, we were invited by my parents to go eat at Pickwick Inn.  I'm always in when it comes to Pickwick.  I just love an opportunity to get near the water.  Pisces baby at her finest here!

After dinner, the family went down by the water and took a few pictures.  We love pictures, duh!

Guess we can see who the star of the pictures really is.  Miss Jenna.  That's right.

I'll admit, she IS pretty cute! :)  Love being this beauty's aunt! :)

So, back to the story.  Once we got through eating and drove back home, we realized the truck was still not going to crank.  After Brian and my dad fiddled with things, we called in help.  My oldest brother is a mechanic so we were in luck!  He came over, figured out the problem, and got Brian's truck back up and running!  However, in the meantime, my dad had done made arrangements and got their extra vehicle up and available for Brian in case he needed it.

I love my family.  This is who we are, and what we stand for.  We are there for each other when one needs help.  We lend a hand with no expectation of a payment.  We love you on your good days AND your bad days.  We go out of our way to make you comfortable if it eases your stress.  We love to help fix.  We love to see each other smile.  That's who we are.

I think my sweetheart got a big taste of my family's love for him this weekend.  And it comes as no shock that it MELTS my heart to know Brian and I have such a strong support team behind us.

We truly are BLESSED.

And just got kicks, take a look at the cute picture I got of these four!
Like I said, BLESSED!


  1. I am glad the truck is fixed..my hubs is a mechanic so my family calls him with this happens..i know how it feels! The last picture is so cute!

  2. That's definitely what family is for!

  3. Well of course Jenna is the star of the show - look at that precious little face! So stinking cute. And that's sooo great that your family is so close and so willing to jump at the opportunity to help. What an amazing thing to have. You are indeed a lucky girl!

  4. That is so great that your family is so supportive of you AND Brian!!

  5. It's nice to have good people to lean on...even better when you can call them family!

  6. So glad they got the truck running!! We have been through that and its not fun!!!


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