Baby Boy

No, I'm not having a real baby boy.  Don't get ahead of yourselves.  

I'm talking about Reagan.  While I was on vacation my sweet boy had something happen to him. We still don't know exactly what it was, but regardless it left him without the ability to walk.  I mentioned it in a previous post, but I wanted to give a little update on his current condition for all my fellow blogging dog-lovers. :)

To be honest, this whole ordeal has really saddened me.  Reagan is now living in the spare bathroom and while it's perfect to keep him confined, it's also by itself and I feel like I've neglected him into a separate area of the home.  But it's for his own good, and I think he actually likes it in there.  Reagan has always been a very cold-natured dog, so being out of the line of air, he stays much warmer.  I'm considering making that his new home where his blankets stay, post recovery time.

It also breaks my heart to hear him cry when I walk inside the house.  Again, I know he is lonely in there with no sight of anything, no television, no Roxie, etc.  So when I walk in, he wimpers like he did as a puppy.  I rush in, and sit and kiss on him a few minutes.  We are both better after our mini-session. :)

Roxie still doesn't understand what's going on AT ALL.  She walks to the door (there is a baby gate blocking him off) and she just stares at him.  I know she got on his nerves, but I think he misses her just as much.  I know they will both be glad when things get back to "normal" and they can fully play again one day, whenever that is.

Now, as far as his recovery.  He is doing MUCH better, so thanks for all the puppy prayers.  He can walk on his legs again, but every once in awhile the back legs will slip farther apart than they should be, so that's something I want to keep an eye on for sure.  His spirits are better and he seems to be friskier than he was before this happened.  Maybe he needed the rest more than I realized.

We went for two sessions of laser treatment last week, and I think we will do one more this week to see if we are continuing to see improvement.  Also, we will continue the steroids until those are gone.  I want to play it safely on that!

All this has got me thinking- I have been freaked out about my DOG.  What will I be like when I have a child?!!?


  1. HOORAY! Glad he is doing so much better. :) Let's hope for 110%.

  2. I am glad he is doing a little better but I understand. I would be the same way. I hate seeing my dogs in any pain. I hope he gets better soon!


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