It's Coming...

Happy Friday, my loves!  This has seemed like such a long week to me, anyone else?  Well, tomorrow is my baby girl's 3rd birthday.  For those of you new around here, not MY baby girl but my niece.  But take a look at a picture and you will know why most people think she is mine anyway. :)

I can't believe she is already turning 3.  It seems like just yesterday we were waiting on her to make her big arrival into this big world. Time sure does fly.  And I'm grateful that God allowed me to be this little gal's aunt. :)

So, in order to make this party special for Jenna, I took upon a task that I don't normally do.  I am making her birthday cakes (Yes, she is having two) by myself.  I might be crazy, and it might turn out horrible but either way I am trying it.

I can't wait to show ya'll my creation.  And yes, I'll show it even if it looks like a huge mess. :)

So, here's to a big happy third birthday celebration with my little mini-me!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jenna!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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