Packed Full Weekend

This was such a wonderful weekend full of many memories with those that I love the most. Although, I must say, I am worn out and ready for a break!  Life has just been super busy lately and with only 68 days left until the wedding, it won't be stopping anytime soon!

Friday after work I drove to my mom's house and set up our tables for a yard sale.  Now, ya'll know that I love going to some sales, but having one is a completely different story.  However, with Brian moving in and lots of re-arranging in the house coming up, it was needed.

Saturday went well.  I made a little money and got rid of things so it was a success to me.

After the sale, Brian and I went to his sister's house for a Mexican dinner with the family.   I love me some Mexican food and family time.

After some good conversation with everyone, Brian and I went on a double date with Ben and Lindsey to see Two Guns.  It was such a good movie and I'm glad we went, but let me add this- the late show isn't for me anymore.  Ha!

Sunday we went to see the boys annual Children's Choir program.  They did so great and it was so refreshing to see God working through those innocent children.  That's how great our God is. :)


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