Sad, yet Happy.

A few months ago, Mississippi Women Bloggers was launched.  Since then we have tried to reach different angles of people's lives and get them involved.  After the website began, we have had a "routine" of days we go by regarding material that's posted.  Normally on Thursdays, we host a guest blogger.

((Be sure if you haven't submitted, or want to submit again- email us!))

Yesterday, the other ladies and I swapped gears a little an we hosted the first ever "Getting To Know You link-up".  First of all, thank you to those ladies who participated.  And if you still want to add your post, the linky is still open.  We would love to get to know YOU better.

I know I speak for myself and the other ladies who are working behind the scenes on this community, that seeing you wonderful ladies from all walks of life participate is exactly where we want this blogging community headed.  We love the encouragement we see, the advice, and not to mention the YUMMY recipes.  By the way, today McCall has a divine looking recipe for Chocolate Chip Banaana Bread that's sure to make your tummy growl. 

With all that said, I want to address something that is very sad. I had quite a few comments over the last couple weeks that I have not been able to respond to due to it being a No-Reply Blogger.  If you have been commenting on my blog and never heard back from me, this is you.  I do my best to respond to every single comment I receive, but some of you I've been heartbroken to find that I simply can't. 

I wanted you to be able to fix the problem, so I am sharing this link today that shows some easy steps.  It might not even hurt to check and make sure you're not reverted back into No-Reply mode.  Mine actually did this to me not too long ago and I didn't know until someone pointed it out to me.  So just remember even though you are set "fixed" then you might (somehow?!) change back.  So be aware!


Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your support! I love receiving comments. I try my best to read and respond to every one of them! Please don't be a no-reply blogger (make sure your email is on your Blogger profile) so I can get back in touch with you! Have a great day! :)