Tan suits.

This weekend was such a good time.  Saturday morning, my mom came to my house early to start preparing for my bridal shower.  Later that day, I was surrounded with lots of friends and family who took time out of their day for Brian and I's shower.  I was amazed at the wonderful gifts we received and will always have a good laugh when I think back on the memories of some.  Apparently everyone thought I needed new monogram ideas for the house, so I got several "W" things.  After the first few, it was quite comical.  But in all honesty, I love it and can't wait to hang them all up.  I've already been looking around on Pinterest for some monogram wall art ideas.

Monogram Wall (on a much smaller scale)Monogram wall decor...only with the letter "H"


After the shower, Brian and I headed over to his sister's house for a dinner and a visit with his family. Sunday we went back over there to visit with his grandparents who were in for a visit for the holiday.  It was really nice seeing them and I can't wait to officially have them as my family as well.  *39 days*

And then since I was off on Monday, my mom, Jenna, and myself all went shopping and found my dad's suit to wear to my wedding.  I could so get off on a rant here but I leave it at the world needs more tan suits.  The end.

I really dread seeing this weekend come to an end.  I love having a relaxing weekend and even though Brian and I had to do a little running around, that's what this one was.  I just can't believe we only have six weeks until we are married and all these weekend parties and showers will be a thing of the past.  It just reminds me again of how blessed we truly are.

So now it's time for back to work.  But here's a little cutie to make the day better. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love those monogram walls. I say do it. The wedding is getting so close!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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