5 on Friday!

I'm back for my second week of 5 on Friday!
1// There's baby Kayla.  (See, I've sported these long locks for awhile.)
2// A sweet picture of my mother in law, myself, and my mother at the rehearsal dinner when I presented them their personalized handkerchiefs. :) ((Thanks to my sweet sister-in-law for the picture!))
3// Lunch.  And not just any ole lunch.  My husband works half days on Tuesday, so lunch time this past Tuesday I came home to find my lunch made, with a cute little note on top!
4// A snapshot from our wedding.  :)
5// Seriously, it's the weirdest/most annoying thing EVER but you need to go hear this song.  Our nephews LOVE it. :)  And now, well, so do I. :)


  1. My daughter has fallen in love with that song thanks to my hubby. It's been stuck in my head for what feels like ages lol. Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~ Osh
    Sun-Kissed Peony


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