A Weekend to Remember!

Wow, I feel like I have not published a blog in forever.  My apologizes for that one.  Life has been rather hectic lately! But I wouldn't trade it all because God has been working ALL around me lately.
This weekend was a VERY special weekend for the White side of the family.  After months of planning and talking behind her back, my brother-in-law planned a surprise proposal for Lindsey. 
We met at a local restuarant to celebrate Bryce's birthday.  But what Lindsey didn't know is that she was getting more than family time. 
It was a very sweet proposal.  Each of us had our own sign to hold up and take part in Ben's big question.  I know she was caught off guard!  Congrats Ben and Lindsey and officially welcome to the White clan!
After the propoal, Brian, Ben, Lindsey, and myself all went to see God's Not Dead.  Believe me, if you have not seen this movie then you NEED to go.  You will walk out of there with a new sense of yourself and living for God.  It is a huge eye opener and I plan on owning it one day.  It's a MUST SEE.
Saturday for lunch we met up with my wedding photographer and Lindsey booked her for her wedding.  I'm SO excited to know we will get to see more of Amanda!  She did a fantastic job on my own wedding and I know she will for Ben and Lindsey as well.  Not to mention she is one of my best friends now. 

After a good lunch and catching up, Brian and I went by to see my little sidekick, Jenna.  She was all wound up on sugared donuts, LOL!


Sunday was another big day for us.  After church and a family lunch, we took Brad home with us while the rest of the crew went to see God's Not Dead.  They loved it as much as we did and came out of there feeling a spritual high just as we had Friday night!

It was so much fun hanging out with my little man and enjoying some snuggle time.  After the crew was out of the movie, they came and hung out with us awhile.  Then, the best thing happened.  I was watching The Walking Dead and I got a FaceTime call from Bethany.  Now this is not usual for us.  Bethany and I text ALL the time, but not FaceTime, so I moved back to the bedroom and answered.  Bryce was there, so I was talking to him and then he starts crying.  I immediately think something bad is wrong.  And then he tells me why he is calling.  And they were the sweetest words..
"I just asked Jesus into my heart."
Ya'll.  I mean really, I died inside.  That was the best thing I had heard.  My sweet Bryceman has made his eternal decision and there just are NO words to describe how AWESOME that is to hear!  The tears were flowing, and they lasted awhile.   
We are rejoicing today people.  GOD'S NOT DEAD!



  1. AW! What a fabulous way to end the weekend :) So happy for Bryce! And I can't wait to see God's Not Dead!

  2. Aw the proposal sounds so sweet! Gosh I love, well love. Happy to be a new follower here!

    Tattered to Taylored

  3. Congratulations on growing your family!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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