As most of you know, Brian and I got married back in October.  He moved into the house I was already living in so there has been some adjusting that needed to be done over the course of the last five months.  We combined our things into ONE closet, figured out how we jointly want to have the house look, etc. 
Living with Brian is nothing less than great, and I mean that.  But combining two people's belongings is hard work.  I know those of you who are married or live with your significant otther can relate.
Last night, I went into our closet to simply put up the laundry.  I ended up in there over an hour "re-organizing" the entire thing.  I separated Brian's clothes out to where he can easily find work clothes verses date clothes.  I should have done that a long time ago.  It would have saved us both time! LOL.
I also cleaned out the shelves in our closet and made a lot more room. Brian asked me if I had caught my second wind.  I guess I did for a little bit.  But that got me to thinking about all the things I wanted to get done around the house. 
So I decided when I get home from work today, I want to walk room by room and make a list of things that I can achieve.  That should be good motivation, right?
How did you handle "nesting" with your husband?
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  1. I need to do the same thing! My husband and I decided that we would set a date and both of us would put it on our calendars to just go through and get rid of all the junk we have accumulated the past 4 years.

  2. Hi! I am stopping by from the Let's Be Friends link up =) I'm glad I had the opportunity to find your blog! I've read through a few of the previous posts and can't wait to read more! Hope you have a great day!!

  3. We have yet to get the sharing of the closet down and it's been over a year, tricky subject haha!

  4. I did that with our house when we moved back in September! I have a list of exactly what I want to see in each room as far as furniture/décor and organization! It makes everything so easy!

  5. It makes you feel better to have everything organized!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
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