God's Working!

WOW.  This weekend was amazing!
First of all, I'm going to admit that I did NOTHING for the biggest part of the weekend, but that is completely beside the point, right? :)
Friday night after work, Brian and I made our normal trip to Lowe's.  In case anyone is new around here, that's my husband favorite store and we typically have a Friday night "date" there, LOL.  I was really tired from not sleeping well the night before so I just kind of followed him in a daze.  We were home and I was in bed at 8pm, for real.  And the best thing, I didn't wake up until around 11 am Saturday morning.  I think my body was just THAT desperate for sleep.
I got up, took a shower, and got right back into clean pajamas.  It was SO nice.  I spent the entire Saturday just like that.
Then today was awesome.  We got up and ready for church where our sweet Bryce was baptized!  His mother sang a song and dedicated it to him and his dad did his baptizing.  The tears were flowing and God was showing out.  
Mississippi Mrs.

God is SO good.  I am living proof every day!


  1. I love Lowes and love trips like that! Minus the kids of course ;)

  2. I think guys like to go in Lowe’s just to be inspired and manly. If I’m in Lowe’s it’s normally in the garden center!


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