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I"m pretty pumped to see all what this new link-up brings out.  I'm nosey, I admit it freely.

Today's prompt: Your first time.

Get your mind out of the gutter. Not that kind of first time, although someone might want to share that today, ha!  It can be anything you want it to be.  So today,  I'm showing my First Look pictures from my wedding.

I was so glad to see his smiling face when he turned around.  I was getting nervous, but in this moment all those nerves were gone.  I was with my baby.

He checked out my WHOLE dress, apparently.

This picture is one of my favorites.  It shows Brian's personality just exactly.  I love this flower-smelling man of mine! P.S.- That handkerchief around my bouquet disappeared that day, sadly.  But I'm glad I have it in pictures. 

What are you showing off for your first time today? 


  1. My wedding handkerchief disappeared too!! There must be some kind of thief out there!

  2. awe your pictures are so beautiful...I love the first look idea so cute!!!!
    xx amber

  3. How sweet. Your pictures and your dress are both gorgeous!! How precious is his face when he first saw you!?!?

  4. I love this!! I also had a hankie disappear on my wedding day. 2 to be exact. One John got me as a wedding gift and the other was my grandfathers. I wish I had photos of them like you do!

  5. ADORABLE! I'm loving that the "first look" fad is having it's moment. Something about it is so personal! I'm joining in from the link up for #totalsocial and also from a neighboring state, Louisiana! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. gorgeous!!!! I love this and his face is priceless!

  7. I love these pictures!! So sweet! hold on.... what's the handkerchief for? Is this a traditional thing? I'm not prepared for this!

  8. Ok this is the cutest idea for a first peek!! The Hubs and I didn't see each other until I walked down the isle. I love these new ways of weddings. I want to do it again now that there is Pinterest! Oh and you are the cutest dang bride I have seen. You look like I need to take you out of the pictures and let Lil Miss play with you as one of her princess barbies! Happy Friday Love!

  9. You are so beautiful and that dress, swoon :) I love the smile on his face when he turns around, what a perfect moment.


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