Today I'm linking up with two of my favorite gals to read, Rachel and Brittany, for their link up....
=It's A Good Day Linkup
SO let's get started, shall we?
-- I get to sleep past the usual 6:45!
-- I discover it's a really good hair day, with no extra efforts!
-- I finish a REALLY good book and it's everything I wanted it to be.
-- Getting a new book and the excitement that goes along with that.
-- My legs are shaved and have that extra silky smooth feeling.
-- I get to have a date night with my husband.
-- Brian cooks me my favorite meal.
-- A good cup of coffee just starts off the day right.
-- You hear a sermon and just KNOW it was meant for YOU that day.
-- Getting to have a wonderful conversation with my husband with no outside interruptions.
-- Sleeping in the middle of the bed after my husband leaves for work.
-- When I find great friends and link-ups via this wonderful blogging community.  Thanks for hosting, girls!


  1. Sleeping in the middle of the bed is the best!

  2. Sleeping past 6:45 and in the middle of the bed is gold.

  3. Oh a good hair day-- seriously! Those are few and far between for me, so def a good day when that happens! :) And YES to sleeping/sprawling out on the entire bed after my man goes to work hehe!

  4. Yessss to a good hair day, didn't even think of that one. That'll put me in a good mood easily :)

  5. Sleeping in the middle of the bed is the best and worst feeling! I love when my man leaves because I will sleep right in the middle.. but then again I hate it, because he isnt there!!!

  6. So many great things here. I love fresh shaved legs too! To bad they're a rare thing around here. #superlazy

  7. Yes to this entire list, but especially to great sermons, shaved legs, and good (no-effort) hair days. Thanks for linking-up!


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