Sunday Spin Vol. II

Hi! Welcome to the Sunday Spin.  A couple weeks ago, I started this as a way to just recap and relive the previous week's happening, or describe your weekend.  It really has no rules and is whatever you want to make of it.  To see my first Sunday Spin, click here.

This past week was amazing.  Brian's little brother, Ben, has been staying with us while he is home from college, so Brian has been having a good time playing Xbox with him.  Lindsey and I opt for talking about wedding and food, ha!

In case you missed anything, I covered what we did last weekend, and getting to see the very precious Nannie.  I also found a new favorite picture.

Note to self: Get this printed and send to her.

I also linked up and shared my thoughts on #NamesOfGod2014 Vol.2 & #NamesOfGod2014 Vol.3.  I'm loving this study and would encourage you to look into it if you haven't already.

I touched on what Marriage and what it means to be in Community Brew Volume 2

And then I did a lot of this...packing!  I should mention that as you're reading this, I'm sitting on a beach in Florida.  Yes, I slipped out and away before you knew it!  But don't fear, I have some great posts for this week to keep my face around. 

So, ladies, have a great week!  Catch me on Instagram to keep up to date with me.

Oh, and snapchat me! My username is kwhite1012


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