Beach Bag Essentials

I'm currently at the beach, enjoying life!  I wish all you lovely ladies could be here with me to see this view!  Since I'm here and talking about the beach, I wanted to let you in on what's in my beach bag for this year. 
These are my "essentials" for a day in the sun!

1// Vera Bradley beach bag.  Order yours here.  This will hold all your goodies you will need while soaking in that beautiful sun.

2// Beach hat.  I have one of these beauties and it is a lifesaver.  You can sit and look pretty on the beach all while protecting your face from the sun.  Win, win!

3// Sunblock for the face.  This goes hand in hand with the hat, but be sure you are protecting your face good.  Most women use make-up on a daily basis and may skip while on the beach.  This leaves your skin very exposed and under-protected.  Be sure to re-apply this often for best protection.

4// Tanning Oil.  I have always loved getting that good bronzed tan look and this tanning oil has been on my favorites list for years.  However, this year I will be taking it easy with the tanning.  I just turned 30 and I think I've started to really get worried about the harm I'm putting on my skin with too much sun exposure.   However, I still want to include this on my list because I will be rocking it, just limited.

5// Nike Flip Flops.  You have to have a great pair of flops to wear until you reach the sand.  Let's face it, that boardwalk is HOT and we need to protect those feet.  I love my Nike's that Brian got me a few weeks ago, so I am excited to get to spend some quality time with them this year at the beach.

6// Sunglasses.  Everyone has their own brand they prefer, but I'm a cheap-o kind of girl, especially for beach wear.  Don't forget these beauties and PROTECT those eyes!

7// Beach towel.  I must admit that I own way more of these than any normal person should BUT I love a good beach towel.  Add some monogramming to it and it gets even better.

What items are on your must list for your beach bag this year?


  1. I'm so picky with my beach towels. I may have a ton of them but I only use one. It's the perfect size and it's pretty.

  2. You can never have too many cute beach towels!

  3. Love my Vera Bradley bag :) But yes...watch your skin carefully! I'm an SPF 50+ girl now! That sun does more damage than you think. Plus I think white skin is pretty :) and less wrinkly when we're old!

  4. Vera is a must! And I've just ordered the floppy beach hat, so we will see how that works in August! But, I do have to have a book with me. I find that trying to see things on my phone with the sun blaring just doesn't work! Hope you are enjoying your beach time!

  5. Those sunglasses are fab! I just returned from the beach and I absolutely adore the beach!

    Fellow Mississippi Gal here,

  6. I love that Vera Bradley bag!!! and yes the beach towels are a must! My favorite thing about summer is new beach towels!! ;)


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