Weekending Edition

Well, last week I did good and started my new link-up Sunday Spin.  This week I was a complete fail and didn't even get to schedule today's post, much less one for yesterday.  This weekend was jammed packed and I'm still needing some extra sleep to recover.
Let's rewind a bit to Thursday.  I left work early and drove with the family to Memphis to pick up Ben from the airport.  If you are new around here, then Ben is Brian's younger brother.  I won't say "little" anymore because he towers over me so isn't exactly my definition of little.
He had spent the last month in Fort Knox, KY doing some Army training so we were all very excited to see him and get to bring him home.  Ben stays at our house while he is in town and not in school.  It's a joy to have him around and I know Brian loves having his "bubba" with him as well.  I know a lot of people sometimes don't get along well with their in-laws but I have been beyond blessed in that department.  I consider them as my own family, not in-laws.
And sadly, I'm a bad blogger and don't have any pictures from this night.  I was so tired and completely never thought about getting my phone out.  Ooops.
Friday, I worked and then went home.  Ben had taken Lindsey (his fiancĂ©) on a date and so Brian and I decided we too would have a mini-date.  We tried out the new Mexican restaurant in town and I really liked it.  After dinner, we went to our normal location- Lowe's.  And this week I came out with more items than Brian.  [Insert shock face.]
My better half
Saturday, we loaded up bright and early and made the trip to Cairo, Illinois.  It was the annual 4th July Fish Fry at Brian's grandparents' house.  We waited for the weekend after so Ben would be able to make the trip as well.
Blake and I, having fun in the backseat
Bethany and some cute cousins
After some time with Brian's Mamaw and Papaw, we stopped for a visit with his precious Nannie.  And a little fun fact- her real name is Nannie!  Nannie Claire to be exact and that's one reason I want my future little girl to be named Klaire.

And, hands down, my favorite picture of the day....

Nannie asked me to comb her hair.  My heart just exploded with pride and I wish she lived closer so I could do it every day.  I just love this woman.
On the way home, Brian, Ben, Blake, and myself decided to stop for dinner.  So we stopped at Olive Garden and stuffed ourselves.  But it was OH so good. 

I'm pretty sure Blake enjoyed his spaghetti from the look on his face.  He was such a doll the whole day.  I love you, Blake!
Sunday, we dropped off Roxie Jane before church and picked her back up afterwards.  She had her first haircut and I just want you to know she was adorable!

What a blessed weekend it was.  I'm so glad Brian and I have wonderful family to spend time with and make the most of this life. 
Now, I'm going to work on getting the rest of this week and next week scheduled so I can get packed and enjoy my VACATION next week!


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