MY GIRL (kind of)

For anyone who has followed this blog for awhile, then you are familiar with Jenna.  If you aren't, then she's my niece, but trust me, if you looked at her you would totally think she was mine.  #minime
And today is her 4th birthday.  I can't believe it's already been four years since this little angel made her way into my life.  
Today I want to celebrate this little lady with a look back over the last four years.  But first, let me show you why she could be mine... it all started at birth. 

Jenna, you are my sweet little niece who I waited years to hug, dress up, put make up and bows on, and make silly faces.  Thank you so much for being just that and so much more.  Sissy loves you, baby girl.  



  1. This exactly how it is with me and my sister (who is also four!)

  2. Oh my goodness..she is darn cute!! Love all these pictures! Happy 4th Birthday Jenna!

  3. i am so glad i am not the only one who is completely and totally obsessed with their nieces (i have nephews too)! 7 all together and i call them my babies and people look at me like i'm weird.

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