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Laaaadies.  I'm so stoked to be back for this session of #TOTALSOCIAL with Helene.  And what can be more fun than showing of our guilty pleasures?!?!
So, let's dive into mine.. (& I hope we are still friends by the end of this post..)
1. Carrie Underwood.  I'm going to be real honest.  I don't like her for her music, or her looks per say.... I'm addicted to her LEGS.  I mean hello!, I need to borrow her trainer for a few weeks. 
carrie underwood workout
Source: Glamour magazine
2. Dr. Pepper.  I have stopped drinking my beloved DP.  I know, I know.  I've had the occasional sip on Sunday mornings when Brian and I go for breakfast, but other than that it's been missing from my life.  Have I lost any weight? No.  Does that make me want to go drink an entire 2 Liter myself? YEP.
3. Puppies!  And my "puppies" I mean every single dog, no matter it's age or size.  They are all sweet little baby puppies to me.  I'm way obsessed and would very well be the dog lady if Brian would let me...
4. iPhone.  I mean, who the heck isn't obsessed with their phones? It's the best stalking tool out there today.  :)
5. Notebooks.  I can spend hours in a office supply store.  And I snag pens ANYWHERE I go, even church. 
6. Fried pickles.  Do I have to tell you any other reason why?
7.  Pretty Little Liars.  I'm old enough to be their Mom, but that's okay.  I still indulge myself in their little high school problems.
 8.  Apps.  Yes, I said apps. I will download and try apps ALL the time.  I'm obsessed with finding the newest ones.
9.  Cookbooks.  I can dig through a cookbook and cherish it forever.  But I may never cook from it.  I just like having them.
10. Lists. Which is why this one is at 10.  I also am guilty of being OCD and liking even numbers.
Did you link up today? I would love to see your #TotalGuiltySocial posts! 


  1. Pretty sure we're meant to be besties after this.

  2. I LOVE cookbooks!! I read them like books!! and have too many of them! and lists!! Who can go without lists? Not this girl!! You are awesome!

  3. Love me some Dr Pepper and fried pickles too! If we ever meet, that's what we're having together, Kayla! :)

  4. We could be long lost sisters based on this! Except I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper drinker rather than regular Dr. Pepper. And I don't have an iPhone, but I am addicted to my phone. The rest of this list is pretty much me. :-) And I totally need to check this link up out!


  5. I had never even HEARD of fried pickles until I moved to Memphis (four years ago). I feel like my entire life has been a lie!!!! I absolutely love love loveeee them. Anytime I see them on the menu, they are a must order :)

  6. haha yes, seriously, how does she get those legs. not fair. I'm with you on the iPhone! and really... most of this!

  7. Yeah Umm I totally buy notebooks all the time.. And PENS yup.. Them too! I think we might be secret BFF's lol cause this list is almost 100000% me

  8. My husband is always calling me a pen thief.. glad I'm not alone! I like to consider it pen collecting :) And I'm totally addicted to Pretty Little Liars!! It's getting so good!

  9. Oh my gosh, fried pickles are so amazing. I love them.

    I am in love with office supplies. Staples is more fun for me than any clothing store ever.


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