Believe in the Sparks

I'm excited (and a little scared!) to show you a little glimpse of myself from high school.  Now, please, let me beg of you to not judge me by my looks.  I was in high school from 1999-2002.  I'm ancient.

And we didn't have all this fancy technology in my day, so snapshots of snapshots have to do.

Look at those cute band shirts.  Yes, I was a band geek and my parents were very involved during trips and events.  I am thankful for those two, for sure.  So, speaking of band geek- I wasn't in the real band.  I just did color guard (flag line).  I hated all things to do with the actual instruments, ha!

One question, where did that tan, skinny girl go, and HOW DO I GET HER BACK??????

This is a shot from a group photo at a band tournament.  I'm in the pink, but the girl in orange is Hillary, my best friend.  She was also my MOH in my wedding last fall.  I love her just as a sister.  

I could spend forever showing off my high school days, but mostly it involved lots of sleepovers, weekend car rides, and lots and lots of band events.  

What were YOU like in high school?


  1. I love it! Thanks so much for linking up!
    Wasn't it so fun to go back and dig up all of our old high school pictures? I spent far too long looking at old pictures last night! haha

  2. I completely disagree with you being ancient!! Partly because we were in HS at the same time! :)

  3. Thank you so much for linking up! I loved looking at these photos and I definitely spent a ton of time trying to find ones for my post! :)

  4. lost of sleepovers...yes! I miss those!

  5. Not ancient at all girl! I just cleaned out my old room at my parents house and found a ton of old pics! Love looking back at the old days.

  6. I LOVE this!!!!! You are too darn cute and I am almost postive we would have been BFF's in high school! I was not in band but was in choir. I had so many awesome memories from school and when I look at pictures I also wonder what happened to the skinny girl!

  7. I felt the same way about the actual instruments...I hated that part! LOL. ...and as far as those color guard outfits, wasn't that when we did the JAWS theme with those huge surfboards? (If I remember correctly, I think I had on a coral color shirt)

    wow...those were the days...lol

  8. I miss sleepovers & hanging out with my girls!! I wish I would have realized back then that those days wouldn't last forever. We need to catch up!!

  9. I graduated in 98 so I was out of school before you were even in high school so if you are ancient, what does that make me? ha, ha What a fun look back at your past.


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