Hey, pretties! I didn't make it back on Tuesday for a Labor Day recap, but let me assure you that you didn't miss anything.  In fact, we had a really, really relaxing Labor Day.  Brian worked awhile (Yes, on Labor Day!) and I cleaned the house.  It was waaaay overdue, but all is good around the White House now.  
After all that cleaning, we headed over to Bethany's house (Brian's sister) and had a small cookout. Brian and I were discussing it and I think this was the first time we had been over to her house since before vacation.  We have been way too busy! It was a great night spent eating, catching up, and doing some Ice Bucket Challenges.  Thanks, Bryce, for challenging me.  Pay back is coming!

So, today I thought I'd throw out something that I really do think about more than I probably should- my final meal.  Really, have you ever considered what you would choose for your final meal?  Well, I do.  Often.  I'm weird like that, though.  
So, my final meal would include some of all my favorites.  That list would include:
Pepperoni pizza (because I still eat like a 5 year old!), Grilled chicken Caesar salad with homemade croutons, penne pasta in Alfredo sauce with Cajun seasoning on top, a good hometown favorite- the Slugburger with mustard and cheese only, Dove chocolate bars, and Dr. Pepper by the gallon.
Let's just hope I'm not on death row while I request this final meal. :)


  1. My final meal would be wayy too long to list. I like way too many things but if I had to name something right now it would be lobster tails and a creamy gorgonzola pasta of some sort, and a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake. That burger looks really yummy. I'm ready for lunch talking about all this food!

  2. haha! I do love some crinkle fries (any fries actually) and I'd have to pick Dr. Pepper too with a side of sour gummies (5 year old at heart too)

  3. Anytime I am at a restaurant I have such a hard time deciding what to eat. I joke that I treat every meal like it's my last :)


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