September Goals

Fall is coming, ya'll!  And can you believe it's already the first day of September? That means it's time for another monthly goal post.  But first, let's revisit August and see what happened.
  • Edit old blog posts. 
  • Update pictures / links
  • Develop my media kit
  • Re-open sponsorships
  • Filter e-mail / contact information
  • Drink more water I did good with this one!
  • Start working out on a regular basis
  • Keep my devotional study up to date
  • Wake up earlier for devotional time
  • Schedule anniversary photo shoot I'm SO pumped about this one! 
  • Re-vamp front porch

Okay, so I didn't do good at all for the month of August.  But I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself because 1) We were hardly home until bedtime because of ballgames and various other things. 2) I had a wreck and had to deal with all the joys of that so blogging was on the back-burner awhile. 3) I was EXHAUSTED.  So when I actually got to stay at home, I slept. 

  • All items from August
  • Work through old blog posts and relabel items
  • Work on my Christmas List 

I'm going to leave it with only three "new" tasks, so I won't feel so overwhelmed to get everything done.  

What's on your list for the month? 


  1. I love all the goals. I need to go back and update my old posts too. I had planned to do that every Friday but oh well. Good Luck on goals for September.

  2. Christmas list?! Gah. It's that time of year isn't it..

  3. Girl, I need to get on my Christmas list too! Great list though...September will be better :)

  4. I need to start making our stockings for Christmas! So excited it's so close:) Can't wait to see your anniversary picture!

  5. Work on a Christmas list!! That sounds fun!! Im thinking im going to start that!!

  6. I LOVE the Christmas list one! I have already started on mine! :)

  7. your september goals are awesome! especially the media kit and editing blog posts!!

  8. Best of luck with your list! You know which item I always push on to the next month? Revamping my business plan. Ugh. I have tons of notes, ideas, etc, but for some reason putting it all together just sounds dreadful. At least I can never say I'm bored right? :)

  9. Great goeals list! i'm excited for your blog especially- I need to do one of these as well!

  10. I didn't do so well in August either. I'm hoping I do better in September. Good luck with your goals.


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