My Jenna Bugg.

Jenna is walking. 

And talking.

And that means "sissy" is in trouble.. ha!

As I promised, I am going to update you on my precious niece.  I mean really, she is about all I ever talk about!  Tired of hearing about it?  TOO DANG BAD. 

Everyone in my family had heard her say the famous awaited word, "sissy," but the child WOULD NOT SAY IT TO ME.  I'm telling you, I know she is a year old but she knew she was playing a game with me on it.  She had that little smirk that she gives me when I'm picking at her.   Obvious. 

So one Friday evening after work, I swung by Mom and Dad's house because Mom had Jenna.  She said that Jenna had been saying sissy all afternoon, and even yelled it out when I turned into their drive way.  Of course I tried to get her to say it. 


So about 30 minutes later, she and I were in the floor playing with Dora (of course) and she just looks up and said "Sissy" plain as day. 

I did what any responsible aunt would do.  I loaded her butt in the car and we went to Walmart (and you all KNOW how much I HATE that place) and we bought a brand new Dora doll. 

Yeah baby, my girl was saying Sissy. :)  Aaaaand now she is a chatterbox and says is REPEATEDLY.   Ah, the sweet price we pay. 


Within a week of this, she just walked herself across the floor like it was nothing.  We were all so excited and tried to get her to do it again.

And she did.... and again. And again.  And again.

And now we can't stop her.

Walking and talking Jenna.

Life is beautiful.  :)

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