My Monday Mumblings...

How can it be Monday again so soon?

Oh well... it is.  So let's start with a recap of my weekend, shall we?

I ended the work part of Friday with a friend. 

Yes, that is my friend. :) 

Then I ran to the grocery to get the weekend's munchies, scurried to the ballpark, sat in the rain and watched B's nephew play a baseball game, and then joined his family for pizza. 

Then I crashed.  I had lost sleep the night before so your truly was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... :)

I woke up Saturday morning at 9:00.  Well, no, I WOKE UP at 7:00 AM with Reagan at my door barking. 
      [Dear Reagan, mom wanted to sleep in.  But thanks.  Although one day I will sing your praises for waking me up on time, let's not do this unless it's a work day, mmmk?  Because I mean, you know what days are work days, right?  Smarrrrrrt doggie.   Love, your mama.]

Okay... so I woke up at 9:00 am and felt amazeballs.  I never, ever, ever get to sleep in so this was glory for me.  I got up, ate this...

and felt even more fabulous.  And fat.

I ran to Wal*Mart (like an idiot!) and rushed through there like the seat of my pants were on fire.  I hate that place.  I can't believe I was young once and voluntarily hung out there.  Yes, we are that small town that hung out at the Wal*mart.  Think it's dumb?  I welcome you to come show me what YOU would have done... kthanks.

While I was in hell Wal*Mart, Bethany (B's sister) text and asked if I wanted to meet her and Donna (their mom) at the movies to see The Lucky OneWell, duh! Girl movie- yes please! So hence, the reason why I rushed through Wal*Mart even faster than I normally do. 

Now, my opinion on the movie...

FABULOUS! =)  You def need to see this one if you like a good love story/movie.  I haven't gotten a chance to read the book yet, but it is def on the list and even moreso now that I've seen it on the big screen!

P.S.- Zac Efron.... Do I need to say anything else?

Soo... after a good sleep-in, a trip to hell Wal*Mart, a movie with the girls.... the next thing on my list was Pamper Time.  I don't get enough of this, so I treated myself.

I'm nutso for showing this, but this thing is meant to show the real me.  Well, hello...

So then I proceeded to cook dinner for my man, in my robe.  I think he was impressed at how pretty I got for him.  Thanks, babe. :) We ate din din, and then rented a Courageous.
If you have not seen this movie, then get up and go rent it right now.  B & I both cried with this movie.  Def a must see for everyone.

Now, I'm at Sunday.  It was my baby girl's 3rd birthday!

Please excuse this horrible picture of me.  I was having a no makeup weekend.

Dear Roxie Jane, 
Sometimes mama gets onto you a lot.  Sometimes you are mean and make mama feel like I'm losing it.  But then sometimes you crawl up in my lap, give me those eye liner perfect eyes and make me melt into little pieces.  These past three years have been stressful, a huge adjustment, and sometimes aggrivating.  But they have also been some of the sweetest memories I can think of.  You are a great little sister for Reagan.  You keep him on this toes.  You keep me on my toes.  You are one in a million little Roxie Jane.  And we love you!
Happy 3rd Birthday to Mama's Princess!
Love, Reagan & Mom.

I spent the day with my little love bug.  We caught up on Mama's shows and snuggled under the blanket.  Okay, so maybe I snuggled in the blanket and she laid on top of me.  Typical.

And now here we are girls, at Monday again.

So, someone with a more interesting life than myself, please tell me what YOU did :)

Kayla :)


  1. That was a very busy weekend! And don't worry, I've posted pics on my blog of me in ONLY a face mask too. I can't wait to see this movie, I'm so glad you loved it! I mean, I don't trust a girl who doesn't love a good love story to be honest!

  2. Mine wasn't much more interesting! I always had to go to Wal-Mart. UGH!! It really does make me sick. Haha.

  3. Ugh..I hate Wal-Mart, too. But sometimes they have deals that just can't be passed up.

    I cannot wait to see The Lucky One! I love love love Nicholas Sparks and Zac it's the perfect combo for me! ;)

    Happy belated Birthday to little Roxie! My Rue baby will be 5 on May 7th..can't believe I have had her for that long! She's "growing" up too fast :(


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