A Friday night tradition...

So, a little fun fact about B: 
- He is OBSESSED with Lowe's.  

But I think it's cute so it's all good to me!  Besides, um, hello to home projects!!  I win! :)

So this past Friday night B and I did what we do with a lot of Friday nights, we ventured off to Lowe's to look around.  

He is such a good sport to take selfies with me :)

But B laughed at me because I clearly have a different idea about tools than he does..

Allow me to show you, ladies...
Now, I need your help.  Please tell B that I'm right and these little things (whatever they are...) look like...........

CHRISTMAS TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is a skinny tree on the left and then some more normal trees! ;)

B thought I had lost my mind I'm pretty sure, but ya'll do me a favor and tell him ya'll agree! ;)

Isn't he cuuuuuuuuuuuuute? :)

I think these should keep him in line, yes? ;)

Yes, we love our "Lowe's dates!" haa :)


  1. That is so cute..and I agree..they are Christmas Trees!

  2. I am obsessed with Lowes and would happily go there on a Friday night. When did that start becoming okay?!

  3. I agree...they are Christmas trees! :)

  4. My boyfriend is obsessed with Lowe's too! haha We will be on our way to Walmart to pick up some groceries or a few items, and we get close to lowe's and he wants to stop every time! lol He's funny when he gets in there. Sometimes I get annoyed because he literally takes FOREVER, but I need to learn to appreciate it a little more, because you're right, home projects! :) lol And yes.. totally look like Christmas Trees!

  5. Ha ha those totally look like Christmas trees!! Lowes on a Friday night sounds fun!

  6. I agree! Christmas trees it is!

  7. my husband and i LOVE dates to home depot!!! they are the best!

    new follower and i am so excited to be here! www.untilonlyloveremains.com

  8. They really do look like Christmas trees! I found your blog through from the Keurig giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Those are definitely little Christmas trees! What is B thinking anyways?


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