Me: Exposed.

Top three worst traits.

I probably have a lot more than three, but if I had to pick three that I dislike the most about myself then I would say:

1. OCD.  Sure, a lot of people are OCD, but it's about things being in order or what not.  (Don't worry, I'm that way too!) but I'm VERY OCD about plans going as planned.  LOL.  And when they don't.. I get wired up.  It's not attractive.

2. Self-conscious.  I truly am the worst critic when it comes to myself.  Bleh.

3. Worry.  I worry about the smallest, least significant things that are completely out of my control.


  1. I am self conscious too and I worry all the time!

  2. I feel you on all those things girl. Again - why must we live so far apart from each other?!

  3. Ohhh all three of those...especially the worry are me! This post was an odd combination of easy/super difficult to write for me. haha!

  4. You sound just like me. Why is it so hard just to be confident and not worry?!


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