Happy 4th!

Before you head out the door to go hop on a boat or have fun at a cook-out, please remember the real reason behind this holiday.  We live in a free nation, whether you agree with how it's being currently run or not.  We are blessed more than we know.

As I've gotten older, the 4th is much different than it was as a child for me.  My late grandmother's birthday was the 4th, so there was always a huge family cookout to celebrate her.  The house, the yard, the driveway, and the street lining her house was packed.  No matter what you were doing, you made sure to be at Mamaw's on the 4th.

I can remember so many cookouts, family time, memories, and pictures that came from one of the many July 4 shindigs.  My grandmother loved that day, and not because it was her birthday.  It was because she had her whole family there with her, surrounding her with love.  It's one of my favorite things as a child to reflect back upon.

Sadly, we lost my grandmother and the tradition has since died.  I still see my parents', brothers, etc. but it's nothing like it once was.  It started fading the year she died.  She truly was the backbone to our family tree I believe.

So, I'm asking, while you are out with friends and family today, please take those moments to heart.  It's the little things in life that one day we all look back on and miss.  Today, I miss my family being together.  I miss the yummy food.  I miss the pictures, the laughs, and the stories.  I miss my grandmother and the woman she was.

Please be safe out and about today, loves.  I can't wait to hear how you all celebrated!

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