#NamesOfGod2014 Volume IV

I have to admit, I'm at the beach this week, so this post might be shorter than they normally are for regular weeks. In case you missed my previous weeks then check out Vol. I, II, III

This time I'm covering Chapter 9: The Lord who Heals

Very early on in this chapter, we find a statement that says Ignorance is bliss.  That's exactly how I feel a lot of days.  It says we live in our own world, ignorant to the reality of how much we need God.  

We want to change the world ourselves.  We want to make the most of our days, but we don't want to be bothered with others troubles. To me, these are the days when God is challenging us the most.  He wants to see us reach out our hands to those in need, those who need our love. 

We are introduced to another name, Jehovah-rapha.  This means the Lord who heals!

Today, stop and take a hard look at yourself.  Are you sharing The Word? Are you helping those who need relief? Are you telling of God's wonders?

Jehovah-rapha is the Great Physician. If you need physical, emotional, or spiritual help then you need to seek Jehovah-rapha. 

Keep God close. He is listening.  He will heal.


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