I am so excited to bring you today's post.  I was recently contacted by Man Crates and asked to participate in their blogger survey.  The goal of the post is to list 4-5 items that I consider my "must have's" for a survival kit.  However, this isn't for items such as matches, etc.  This is for what you REALLY crave and want to be close to you.

Man Crates design fun ideas for men to be bought as gifts.  You can shop their store by clicking here. All these crates are shipped in their very own wooden crate.

There are sections for what your man likes.  For example, there is a section for "Gamers" and that's where I would look when it comes to Brian's likes and interests.
This Retro Gamer Crate would be something right up his alley.
I have browsed their website, and would encourage you to do the same soon.  You never know what perfect gift awaits you.  And we all know that most men are hard to please when it comes to gift ideas!

So, if I were to survive with 5 items in my crate, what would I want them to be?

Coffee. I can't think of any other way to start the day than with a good cup of coffee in my Ole Miss Tervis.  Oh, and it should have Hazelnut creamer in it for sure.

Fried Pickles. Yes.  I'm dead serious.  I crave these babies like they are almost extinct.  So they are a must! Besides, I gotta eat. #fatkid #problems

Nike sandals. I own a pair of these and they are amazingly comfortable.  I can't imagine not having them on my feet.

LipGloss.  I seriously would die without lipgloss.  I hate "naked" lips.

Kindle. Duh, I gotta have this for entertainment.

What would YOU pack in your survival kit?

And be sure and check out Man Crates and see what they have to offer for the men in your life!



  1. How fun! I love my lip balm too :) I absolutely love fried pickles as well! Yum!!!

  2. That retro crate has my boyfriend's name all over it!

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